Friday, December 5, 2008

The Wars of Xmas

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It is unclear exactly how the compliance with restrictions against religious displays at town halls across America keeps anyone in our towns from celebrating Christmas, or otherwise takes the religion out of the Christmas holiday.

In America, business is free to ram Christmas down our throats even as we rake our autumn leaves.

So, it is fairly easy to appreciate how many believers feel that their beliefs and traditions are threatened when their fellow Americans express an unwillingness to share those beliefs and traditions by giving them the force of law.

If you are a Christian in America, you may expect the government to share your tradition of denying American couples of the same sex the same rights and responsibilities that other American couples take for granted (and often hire legal counsel at great expense to relieve themselves of).

If you are a Christian in America, you may expect our civil laws to conform to your belief that human life begins at the moment when sperm meets egg.

If you are a Christian in America you may feel persecuted when nativity scenes and other religious displays are prohibited on public property (or, more often, require a fee or insurance deposit).

Are Christians really being persecuted when the rest of us are simply not required by law to share their beliefs and traditions?

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dredzep said...

Nice post.
If there's no "War on X-mas" then folks like Fox News will have no winter programming!